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Mobile clinics save lives

This fully-equipped medical facility on wheels provides life-saving care even in hard-to-reach locations during challenging situations such as war and natural disasters.

Over 70 mobile clinics already delivered
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Delivering healthcare to conflict-affected areas, ensuring access to vital services.


Saving lives in crisis situations, including support for military personnel.

local economy

Creating jobs and economic growth by locally building and operating mobile clinics.



Jakob Dalhoff

  • CEO MatchOffice
  • MsC Finance & Accounting
  • Professor at National University Lviv

Lars Vestbjerg

  • General Manager, Sika Footwear Lviv

We have been living and working in Ukraine for many years, and this initiative is our way of supporting the Ukrainian people during the ongoing war that Russia started.

Jakob and Lars

Global Support, Local Impact

With the generous contributions of donors from around the world, we have delivered over 70 mobile clinics to the conflict-affected regions in eastern Ukraine, near the front line. These life-saving facilities have been donated by supporters from the Denmark, USA, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Germany, England, Ukraine, Austria, Australia, France, Japan, Italy, Poland, and the Baltic States.


Mobile clinics in action


Emergency Dental Care for Children

A local resident of the village of Kharkiv Region with her three children turned to us. Due to the recent Russian missile attacks in the region, there was no dentist available within an 80 km radius. It was a fortunate coincidence that our doctor happened to be a children’s dentist in civilian life, and was able to provide the children with the necessary emergency care.

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Serving Under Difficulties

During the redeployment of the unit to the recently de-occupied Yampil in January 2023, we arrived in a town where the FAP (paramedic-midwifery center), school, and most of the houses were destroyed. There was no electricity, no civilian doctors, and the nearest hospital was 40 km away. Despite the harsh weather conditions (the temperature was -15 degrees), our medical clinic, equipped with an air heating system and generator, allowed us to quickly establish a medical center and provide quality medical care to both militarу and civilians.


Providing Aid During Raids

During raids (offensives), medical units are constantly on the move. In September 2022, while de-occupying the Kharkiv region (specifically Izyum), medical aid was provided to the wounded both in cars and in the open area. It was not possible to enter some premises, since the territory was not yet completely cleared of the enemy, that could be a threat to medical personnel. Having a trailer like this enabled us to swiftly establish a medical center (stabilization point) and deliver expert medical assistance to both injured military personnel and civilians.

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Stories from the Front Line

I’ve seen days where the city trembles with the intensity of battle, gunfire echoing through the streets. Despite the risks, our mission is clear. Dental care might seem trivial amidst the chaos, but it’s a lifeline for those who remain. Our mobile clinic serves as a beacon of hope, offering vital treatment amidst the uncertainty. Each appointment is a race against time, with 10-15 patients attending before we must move, knowing staying too long invites danger.

Andrii Korsun, Director at Siversk Multidisciplinary
Hospital of Planned Treatment

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Stories of Hope from Dergachiv region

As the family doctor in Prudianka village, I’ve witnessed the profound impact of conflict on our once-prosperous community. Where once 2000 souls thrived, now only 200 remain, refusing to abandon their homes despite the devastation. The dispensary, once a beacon of health, lies in ruins, a casualty of Russian aggression. The arrival of the mobile clinic offering not just medical care but a lifeline to those who have nowhere else to turn. In the face of adversity, it’s this sense of solidarity that sustains us, reminding us that even in our darkest hour, we are not alone.

Olexiy Misechko’s, General Practitioner of Family Medicine

Frame 26085865

A Doctor’s Testimony from Balaklia City

As a doctor at the Center for Primary Medical and Sanitary Aid in Balaklia City, I’ve seen the devastating impact of Russian war. For six months, we lived on the front lines, cut off from basic services like medical care.
During these most critical times, your mobile clinic saved lives. Despite the risks, we provided essential medical aid, offering not just treatment but also compassion and solidarity. For those who had lost everything, the clinic offered warmth, supplies, and the reassurance that they weren’t alone.

Marya Gliznutsa, Family Doctor

Case 1/6

Thank you for the exciting visit to your mobile health clinics in Lviv, Ukraine, in October. It was incredibly inspiring to see your clinics and hear about your project.

Ukraine’s fight for peace is also Denmark’s fight, and I am therefore very proud when Danes contribute what they can. We owe them great respect.

Denmark minister Jacob Jensen

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Mobile clinics can provide care for a wide range of medical needs:

  • Сold diseases
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system
  • Diseases of the respiratory system

Mobile stabilization point for stabilization of the wounded:

  • Contusion
  • Shrapnel wounds in all parts of the body

Easy maintenance

We have detailed instructions for troubleshooting in case of any issues

Video instruction
PDF instruction

Group 37015

Experience based

Through continuous iteration and improvement, our project adapts to meet the needs of both doctors and patients


Trailer Plans




These characteristics collectively make the mobile emergency clinic trailer a versatile and efficient unit for providing essential medical services in various emergency scenarios and locations

Trailer: Net 2510 kg/Max 3500 kg
Frame: Reinforced galvanized metal frame with stabilator
Brakes: 4 wheels braking system for driving and stand still

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Medical Equipment

Our Mobile Emergency Clinic serves as a comprehensive and reliable solution, bringing vital medical care directly to the front lines of emergencies in remote areas. Well-equipped interior and mobility, it stands ready to make a difference when seconds count.

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It is a good example of how Danish owned companies operating in Ukraine do their utmost to support Ukraine’s resilience at a difficult time.

Ambassador of Denmark in Ukraine Ole Egberg Mikkelsen

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No equipment

$ 27,500

Only consider the box with generator and air conditioner


$ 42,250

Basic interior and medical equipment.


$ 51,500

Includes everything


from $ 25,000

Production of a mobile clinic based on your requirements or special needs.

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Transparency & Accountability

Your donation matters. Receive quarterly reports on the impact of your contribution. See an example report

The Mobile Clinic has made a tremendous difference, but there is much work yet to be done. Unfortunately, the war has not ended and every day a medical infrastructure in Ukraine suffers from russian attacks. We do hope that you will consider supporting this vital mission. Together, we have the power to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

President of RC Lviv International Oksana Petrukh

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